Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and condition before making a booking with Cosy Paws.

When booking at Cosy Paws, you will be required to complete and sign a booking form for your cat(s). This will give you details of our General Data Protection Regulations Policy and our Authorisation for Veterinary Care. These documents form part of our Terms and Conditions.

All cats are checked for health issues on arrival. It is our expectation that you will bring a healthy cat to board with us. If we feel that is not the case, we cannot take your cat for boarding.

All male cats under the age of 6 months must be neutered, otherwise we cannot accept them for boarding.

Cats must arrive and be transported to us in a safe and secure travel box, suitable for purpose. This will be kept with us for the duration of the cat(s) stay and will be securely stored.

All cats that come for boarding must be regularly treated for fleas and worms. If we find they have either of these issues when they board with us, we will treat them and charge the owner accordingly.

If your cat should be ill whilst staying with us, we will take the advice of our retained veterinary practice, Hungerford Vets. The owner will be liable for any costs. We have Public Liability insurance and cover for animals in our care, but pre-existing conditions and health issues due to old age or conditions out of our control are specifically excluded.

Cats in our care should have received an appropriate vaccination programme prior to staying with us. Please consult your veterinary surgeon for any queries about the correct vaccinations and timescales for these, to ensure your cat(s) has protection.

Cat collars will be removed during boarding for your cat’s safety.

Payment of boarding fees

We do not require a deposit, but boarding fees are payable in full prior to your cat(s) coming to board with us.

Day of arrival, day of departure and all booked days are charged for. We make no reduction in fees if you decide to bring your cat later than originally booked or collect your cat earlier. Any extra fees incurred while your cat boards with us, must be paid prior to the cat being collected.

If you are not collecting the cat yourself, please provide us with full contact details of the person collecting.

IMPORTANT: You must wear a mask when visiting the cattery. If you have any Covid symptoms, please do not come to the cattery.