Feeding & Care

At Cosy Paws our aim is to provide top quality care and a stimulating environment, so necessary to keeping a cat happy and contented.  Your cat will receive the highest level of care, with high quality accommodation and individual attention. We live on site, and provide round-the-clock supervision, so you can rest assured that your pet will be secure and happy.

Throughout your cat’s stay with us, in addition to twice-daily ‘housekeeping’, we constantly monitor their behaviour to ensure they are relaxed and happy and not displaying any signs of stress or ill-health.

We normally feed twice a day, serving your cat’s favourite food as specified by you.  We have most varieties of cat food in stock, but if your cat is on a veterinary prescription only diet, we ask that you bring an adequate supply for your cat’s stay.  We can also provide a raw food diet by PurrForm™ if required for an additional £1 per day.  Water fountains are provided as standard in each chalet, and are replenished as necessary.

Guests are welcome to bring their own treats or special food, and we will make sure that your cat receives these as you wish.

Grooming and play
Daily grooming and play is provided as part of our excellent package of care, making the experience for your cat extra special.  As we only have 10 chalets, we are able to devote more time to each cat, interacting with them each day – if they want us to!

Where cats require medication, including insulin injections, this is administered without extra charge.  Carole is veterinary-trained to administer injections.  Please bring an adequate supply of any medication for your cat’s stay.

Veterinary support
Veterinary support is provided by The Veterinary Hospital, Hungerford, so you can rest assured that should the unforeseen happen, your cat will have the very best veterinary care.

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