We have ten luxury chalets suitable for housing cats from the same family. The large, airy and bright chalets were designed for us, to our own specifications, with the exacting standards for hygiene and build quality provided by Pedigree Pens who have over 20 years experience in building uPVC cattery housing. Two pairs of chalets have removable panels so that they can be transformed into a large family suite to house multiple cats from the same household, or for those clients who wish to give their cats even more space for their stay.

The chalets are in a beautiful setting overlooking our back garden, fields and paddocks.  They have large individual play areas adjoining the sleeping quarters, with porcelain tiled flooring.  Fresh air ventilation is provided in the front of each chalet through the mesh screen door.  Air is circulated throughout the cattery by a Dyson Hot and Cool Jet Focus fan, providing fresh air whatever the weather.

Cats have access to both the sleeping and play areas at all times, either through a personal cat flap, or in warmer weather through the open internal door.

The sleeping areas are fully insulated, providing warmth in winter and a cool, comfortable environment in summer. For the colder weather, thermostatically controlled panel heaters are fitted in each sleeping area.  At night, the sleeping area door is closed to give privacy and a secure night’s sleep to our guests.

The uPVC construction, full height sneeze barriers between chalets, and tiled floor allows for the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning between stays.

Each chalet comes equipped with a raised sleeping shelf, luxury cat beds, blankets and rugs, a variety of climbers, scratching posts and toys, and of course a feeding mat, feed bowls and a water fountain.

For elderly cats or those just needing a bit of extra pampering, microwave heat pads are put in their beds.

Open or closed litter trays are provided in each chalet and are checked and cleaned throughout the day as necessary.  We use Breeder Celect paper-based cat litter, which is hygienic, has a low carbon paw-print, and an acceptable surface for most cats to do what they have to do!

After each stay, the chalet and everything in it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the next cat arrives.

IMPORTANT: We are currently FULLY BOOKED until the end of October and have NO AVAILABILITY at Christmas